On Premise

LEVEL can design and support on-premise Avaya PBX solutions for customers who want to keep their telephony solutions in-house and grow them with their company.  Hybrid solutions can be designed where the PBX remains in-house and enhanced UC features migrate to the Cloud.  The Hybrid solution offers the best of both worlds - local control of the PBX, but simple & secure accessibility for the remote worker.

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Cloud Solutions

For customers who are looking for a dedicated Cloud or Hybrid Cloud solution, LEVEL offers fully featured Op-Ex based Cloud solutions for businesses of all sizes.  Whether it be for 20 users in one or two offices, or 2,000 users throughout 30 offices, LEVEL has a Cloud & SD WAN solution to fit your business needs.


Avaya Phones

Meet the newest line of Avaya IP phones. Natively SIP by design, the J100, K100 and B100 series phones provide a vast array of features to meet every user need.  From basic telephony to full UC via voice enabled touch screen devices, these Avaya devices will exceed your demand.

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Meet the next LEVEL of Products by Avaya

As an authorized Avaya business partner, LEVEL is able to offer the full suite of Avaya products and services.  From Small Business Cloud via the Avaya Market & SMB solutions via Powered by IP Office solutions to complete on-premise SMB or Enterprise telephony solutions, LEVEL is Avaya authorized to design, quote, sell, implement and support all of your needs.

When choosing a partner, remember that these are sales organizations focused on making a profit.  LEVEL is different, we are a services organization first, focused on meeting customers needs, and making sales profit comes a distant second.  Welcome to the Next LEVEL.