Avaya J100 Series Phones

Meet the newest line of Avaya IP phones.  Natively SIP by design, the J169 and J179 devices can support H.323 for Avaya Aura R 7.x and IPO R 10.2/11.0 IP based systems.  Starting with the J139 phones (SIP only) which includes 4 buttons... the J169 and J179 include 8 buttons.

Each of the J100 series phones support POE, with the J139, J169 and J179 supporting an optional 5V power connection.  The J139, J169 and J179 provide a gigabit PC port for converged networks, whereas the J129 provides 10/100 converged PC port.  The J129 and J179 phones both support the optional WiFi / Bluetooth module.

J139 and J179 have color screens, whereas the J129 and J169 are gray-scale screens.

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Avaya K100 Vantage Phones

The new Avaya Vantage phones offer a dedicated UC device that seamlessly integrates voice and video with user collaboration tools via a full screen or half touch-screen android based device.

The K175 is a full screen device and is perfect for use on desktops, hotel rooms, check-in points, kiosks or any other place where an enhanced UC user experience is needed.  This slim device can be purchased with or without an camera and there are two optional handset options available, corded or wireless.

The K155 is designed for users who prefer the traditional Avaya dial-pad but also want to take advantage of the enhanced UC features that K175 offers.

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Avaya Conference Phones

The Avaya B100 series conference phones are a perfect solution for all size conference rooms.  The B179 (SIP only) and B189 (H.323) may be used on Avaya Aura Communication Manager solutions, where as the B179 (SIP only) is the supported solution on IP Office.

These devices are fully customization to meet the needs of the room they are placed in.  From expansion microphones to an internal phone book, the B100 series conference phones are a perfect addition to any Avaya PBX solution.

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