Small Business

For the small business, LEVEL can provide a system to support a few phones and phone lines, mobile access, UM and IM capabilities, all the while keeping your solution design flexible to grow with your business.

SMB On-Premise

For the small to medium size business, LEVEL can provide a solution to support the needs of a single site or multiple site business.  Regardless of the initial design, our systems are ready for expansion to meet the needs of your business and your customers via various media types to support the ever-changing communication technologies emerging every day.

Enterprise On-Premise

From a large single or multi site design, to an international presence, LEVEL can provide an Avaya solution to meet the demands of your business.  From basic communications to a fully deployed Call / Contact Center, to international 24/7 support integration between countries, LEVEL can design, implement and support your enterprise solution 24/7/365.

Next Steps...

Reach out to the LEVEL team to see how we can help design, implement and support your immediate telecommunication needs and build a design that will fit with your projected business growth and future technology needs.  From an all hard-wired phone deployment to a multi-site, SD-WAN / MPLS / Remote Worker VoIP deployment (or a combination of all of the above), LEVEL can design, implement and support your business needs.